Forgetful? Lots to Do? You need a Myle high memory.

There’s a lot of information for a person to process in one day. So instead of trying to retain all of it, people resort to digital notes. Well, digital notes just got easier with MYLE, a wearable tech that clips onto a shirt.

When a person wants to memorize anything or make a note all they have to do is to tap MYLE and speak. MYLE will save their thought as an audio note, and automatically sync it with their phone, convert it to text, analyze by context, assign by their applications and execute. They can share any memorable events on Facebook or Twitter, put their thoughts to Evernote or Slack, manage their business notes with Salesforce or Time-Sheet reports, and much more.

MYLE can save up to 2,000 notes at any time or place without a phone. The time-saving aspect of this device alone is enough to it stand out – users can save more than an hour every day. MYLE’S standard color is black but people have the choice of five different colors and they can currently vote for colors on their Indiegogo campaign. Myle can be pre-ordered for $99, and there’s also a promotion where two people can receive $20 each when a friend refers someone.

To learn more, visit today.

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