Design functional living spaces for your children and family

Barbara Millier is a recognized expert design consultant who works for Neil Kelly Company, an award-winning design-build remodeling firm. Barbara understands the psychology behind interior design and has been featured in Dwell on Design and This Old House. She previously served as founder and principal designer at Barbara Miller Interior Design.

“Barbara has a keen eye for design, noteworthy experience in the industry, a fun and informative approach with her clients, and a great ability to bring that expertise to every project she takes on. She creates beautiful, highly-functioning spaces catered to the specific lifestyle needs of her clients. We’re proud to welcome her to the Neil Kelly family,” states Randy Hudson, Neil Kelly’s VP Sales.

3 Tips for Designing Living Spaces For Children and Families

Miller offers the following insight into the psychology behind designing spaces for a family:
1.    Consider your dining room table’s shape. Rectangular tables convey authority and structure. They are, great for young children if you are looking to establish discipline or a dinner routine. Round tables facilitate discussion and exchange. Consider this shape if you have a ‘tight-lipped teen’ and would like him or her to share more about their day.

dining table

2.    Think of today—as well as tomorrow. If you are remodeling a kitchen or bath, consider lowering the level of your light switches. By lowering light switches to 48” (the ADA height for wheelchair access) you can create spaces that are easy for small children to navigate, as well as homeowners who may need special accommodations in later years.

Rustic Cabin Kitchen

3.    Your “clutter” can yield design inspiration. Let the clutter in your home help you prioritize your next remodeling project. Piles of items that seem to regularly appear are not a sign that you are messy but an indicator that your home is not serving you properly. Simple storage solutions that address exactly how your family lives can improve the quality of your life and your sanity!

cluttered closet


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